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Good day mate! We are the Grand Painting and Building Maintenance PTY Ltd, an organisation or you can also call us an agency established by Michael Modir way back in 1998 and since then we have been painting and maintaining homes all across Australia with our huge team of designers and Painter Gladesville who make sure that the work given to them is done perfectly.

The main motive of establishing this organisation was to help out people in Australia to have cleaner, better and good looking homes like never before. We take care of the whole house or the building that we are called to renovate or paint in the best possible way. So here below are the details of three of our premier painting services that a painter can be hired to do.

Industrial Painting by Our Painter in Gladesville

When it comes to Industrial paintings then things change a lot as there is a very large area to cover in a limited time. The main reason behind the time being limited is that the work in an industrial unit cannot be stopped to avoid losses, so one part is cleared off for a day or two and a painter takes over the place and completes the painting work with ease and expertise with his team.

Our company use the best paints that are specially meant for painting commercial units. These paints are usually a little different from the normal paints that they use in residences and offices and require special attention as well while the coating is done. They make sure that the painting work is completed within the stipulated period of time.

Commercial Painting by Our House Painter Gladesville

When we say Commercial Interior and exterior painting services then we simply mean painting of all the buildings and places that have something commercial about them as in they are used for commercial purposes. The examples of such buildings are offices, malls, schools, colleges and even shops as well.

When you hire a House Painter Gladesville for this service then you actually get a group of painters who come in and do the work for you with all the expertise that they have. There is a team of painters and artists that we send to the work location who actually fix a meeting with the client in the spot and decide the best for the place and then go ahead with the panting job.

Interior and Exterior Residential Painting in Gladesville

Interior and exterior painting is that painting service that we offer for residences all across Gladesville. This is one of our expertise as each and every painter starts from residential painting and then is promoted to the next levels where he is given commercial and industrial painting work as well.

The main reason here is that Residential Painting Gladesville actually makes a painter perfect as there are so many things related to it and the painter just have to put in all that they have when painting a house so that it actually looks good.

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